Don't be a douche: VOTE NO ON PROP 8!!!

Seriously, folks. How many times is this going to be an issue? And in California of all places!!! Quit trying to exclude people from their own happily ever after just because of their sexual orientation. *sigh*

My very funny and talented friend, Mr. Ben Acker and some of his friends put the following videos together. Their youtube page reads as follows: "We, a group of like-minded, right-thinking people, put this together because of how like-minded and right-thinking we are and Jesus, what if Prop 8 were to pass? This video wasn't paid for by any political group - everyone involved worked for free.

We have no affiliation with http://www.noonprop8.com, where you can go for more info or to make a donation to help spread the word about this discriminatory proposition."

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