Hollywood Park

Sunday, funday. What would I normally be doing? Lounging and brunching, of course. Not this Sunday. My friend and Largo comrade, Scott, had an excellent birthday party at Hollywood Park, in the Turf Club. So RAD! I felt like royalty. The seventh race of the day was even in honor of Scott. About 20 of us went down to help Scott celebrate. Good people, good times. I highly recommend getting a crew of friends and getting down there if I were you before the horses move down to Del Mar and then to Santa Anita.

Alex gets into the ponies!

Birthday Boy Scott and his lady, Amy.

Big Winner of the Day: Griffee

Mel Brooks in the Winner's Circle

Jon & Dido (Scott trying to capture the moment as well)

Hat Squad


More May Day Mayhem...

...in L.A. from GameJew. Seriously, is this how we treat people when they demonstrate peacefully?


L.A.'s Finest...

...who exactly are they protecting and serving...?

This just makes me shake my head and sigh.