an awesome book, by dallas clayton

8 out of 20 readers cried. i cried. it's just that awesome. i am buying it and you should too. also, visit dallasclayton.com. it might make you cry too. i have definitely gotten teary-eyed either from laughing or thinking too hard.

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Thank you, Keith Olberman!

...truer words have never been said...


our right...

A couple of weeks ago, while working, the election and voting came up in conversation. The people that I was talking with were a (soon to be) 19 year old dude, R, a guy in his late 30s, G, and an Englishman in his late 30s, D. D and I were in full agreement of everything under the sun and the other two were just kind of saying "uh huhs". When it came down to the question of voting, R said, "No, I don't think I'm going to vote. I'm not even registered..." as I began to protest, G told me not to bother R. "Why not?", I asked. G goes on to tell me that he's never voted and I should not give R a hard time! At this point, D is shaking his head in disbelief. Finally, D says, "I wish I could vote, man! I can't in this election, but I will be able to next time! You better believe, if I could, I would!"

I was just in shock. R seems like a relatively informed, interested and curious individual that would not miss the chance to have his voice heard. G, while he is a complete stoner, I would have that he would not pass up a chance to "stick it to the man!" I, usually being a person that can't shut up, was at a loss for words. I have always voted. I was registered once I turned 18, or shortly after. All of my friends and family vote. Not to mention, being a black woman, I would never give up my right that so many before me have struggled to get, no matter how you look at it. In that vein, I have a couple of videos for consumption. The first shows three generations on their way to voting. While that is poignant in its own right. I was particularly moved by the emotion of the grandmother in this clip. I think the gravity of it all really effected her and that is very touching to me. The second shows our nation's next president (crossing fingers! crossing fingers! crossing fingers!) voting with his family... Just seeing him and thinking about the possibility of him being our president gives me chills. He is an amazingly calm, eloquent and inspiring individual.